Torbay Guild of Artists Exhibition 2019                    The Cavaliere Trophy

       1st Prize Mixed Media Painting

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Messages received from customers and collectors :

Hi!! This is not a question....It is a message of sincere thanks for the BEAUTIFUL Artwork I received yesterday!! Such a gorgeous piece!!! I fell in love with your painting as soon as I saw it.......the colours had me so very drawn in....I just knew I had to buy it!! It was one of those moments when you say.."I`ve GOT to have this picture!!" I am so glad I found your wonderful works, and I am so proud to own this beauty.........It will have pride of place on my wall.........Thank you ever so much, and I hope to buy another of your wonderful works again, soon!!

Kindest Regards, Michelle.

Hi Galina  We received the paintings today, wonderful, really beautiful, we're absolutely delighted. My wife almost cried, in fact she did a little bit in all honesty it looked so perfect. Thank you very very much.  

Karim T.

Hello Galina - I bought it, have received it and am very happy with the painting. Thank you!  


As soon as I saw Reflections I was attracted by its vibrancy, use of colour, and sense of atmosphere. I wanted to buy an original painting in memory of my dad who recently passed away, and this painting by Galina is perfect. It really lifts the room and I never tire of looking into it. Thankyou Galina!

George J.

Hi Galina,I just got home to find your painting has arrived. It is gorgeous - I'm really pleased. It's actually a christening present for a little girl - so I will take a picture when it's on her wall and send it with a comment from her parents. I think they will be very happy. 

Many thanks again,

Nilufar F. 

I'm very excited now. I have many oils and will have to move a few so yours has pride of place on my wall. Have you mums on your site as well. I think she will cry when she gets hers. Tears of joy.  

Rachel L.

Hello I love your artwork and have been keeping an eye on your page for new work. I'm looking to buy an original painting, my favourites so far have been Lovers Lane, Secret Rendezvous and Children of the Forest.Do you create paintings to order? Or are you able to tell me if you have any paintings you haven't yet listed online which I could have a look at? Ideally I'm looking for something around 60 x 40 cm unframed (or slightly larger). Many thanks

Claire W.

Hi there. I have received my print of "New Beginning" and wanted to say a massive Thankyou. your use of colour and atmosphere in your paintings is stunning. I love your work. I will treasure it so much. It's extra special because  I said the girl was Jessica, this is my Daughters name. She's blonde too. My Daughter has mild  Autism and mental health problems and has just moved into supported accommodation. the Jessica in the painting, for me, represents my Jessica, beginning a brand new journey. I like to think the Jessica in the painting who has her date waiting is my girl without her difficulties as my Jessica finds relationships so difficult.. I feel so blessed to own this print. I would like to take up the offer of buy a print and get another free please. I'm going to London tomorrow for a few days so when I get back would like to order two prints if it's not too late please? 

Big love and hugs Kathryn xxxxx

Hi Galina I hope you are well? Thank you so much for the stunning print...it's beautiful. We already know where it'll go in our new house... I've invited nearly 300 to like your page. I'll be in touch!

Best wishes Michael