I started out as an artist after a life-changing personal experience which opened up my creative abilities and led me to painting as a career. I have now been a professional artist for the last 10 years.

My training started with various courses at the college and local workshops. This led to displaying various pieces in local exhibitions as well as international online art websites. After a few years intensive work I have sold paintings to private collectors around the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, The Middle East, and Singapore. It gives me tremendous personal satisfaction
in knowing that a broad spectrum of people appreciate and value my art.


My art is inspired by the magical world we live in, the beautiful countryside around me and a dream-like inspiration applied to the paintings. Using oils, acrylics and mixed media mediums I now focus on abstract landscapes, fantasy and mixed media creations employing brushwork, palette knife, collages,
stencils, and mark-making tools.


I really like telling a story through my art which inspires the viewer and triggers their imagination.

I also run art courses to help people unlock their creative talents and unleash their inner artist within.

For further information explore my website.
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Location South Devon UK

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